Our car park offers over 2000 spaces, including parents with prams and disabled parking, and is monitored by Park Assist.

Park Assist displays a coloured light above each car spot that changes colour, indicating if it is free or taken, as well as number plate recognition system allowing us to assist customers in locating their vehicle.

Park Assist reduces the time shoppers spend looking for available car spaces, entering and exiting the centre and finding their car.

Minimising stress which leads to a more enjoyable experience, whilst also improving safety and reducing the rates of accidents within the car park.

DFO Homebush offers two hours of FREE parking for customers.

Please refer to the table below for parking rates:

0 - 2 hours


2 - 3 hours


3 - 4 hours


4 - 5 hours


5 - 6 hours


6 hours +


Daily rate


Lost ticket $40.00
Credit card surcharge 1.25%